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Star Wars at XVII CELTA - Friday
Theatro Circo
What would happen if Frankenstein, E.T, Hulk, and other movie stars competed in Theatro Circo? Friday (03/12), those stars moved from Hollywood to CELTAWOOD to won awards from XVII Certame Lusitano de Tunas Academicas (CELTA) presented by AZEITUNA.

"Because the thema is cinema!" said one of the committee of AZEITUNA, António Oliveira.

Opened by Azeituna, all seats were almost full. Azeituna's third song, made audience clapped their hands following the rhythm which was getting louder. Some of them were wearing movie costumes like Pirates and Star Wars. Then, they ended their performance, exited to the rear audience, so that some audiences even could touch them.

The first participants were Tuna de Medicina da Universidade de Coimbra (TMUC).Four attractive guys danced with pandeireta, rounded up to the audience's seats. They played Celtimbanco Instrumental and combined their bass and senare drum well. They played a song with a engrossed tempo. Their final appearance was a softer rhythmic song, so that audience waved to the beat. They were the only tuna who had merry yell.

Then Tuna de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (TEUP) started their appearance with songs that resemble the typical Hollywood movie soundtrack. Seven pandeireta dancers were in the stage. They also served some funny scenes with their Bruce Lee, Rocky Balboa, cowboys, and people with middle eastern clothes. They had so many variation, even a distinctive tone similar to the middle east song. There was not enough, they ?shot? audience with an appearance of handsome guy. With song sounded romantic and ?easy listening?, audience did not have any reason not to swayed their body.

After 20 minutes break, Tuna Academica do IPVC (HINOPORTUNA) presented a sparkling performance by sowing glitter of their flag players. With reg-green stage lights, their Duetos-Instrumental sounded so cool! Competition theme was felt through slides cowboys while they performed. Many times the audience clapped while watched their three attractive flag players.

Celta XVII changed so crowded by Tuna da Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (TUCP) supporters.They shouted from various audience angles' seats. They mixed their music with stamping feet of pandeireta dancers. Audience also "laughed out loud" watching funny conductor behavior who leaded tuna, even he stooped, danced as a Barbie, and squatting. Voiced tenor singer collaborated with poetry, made their performance so glorious. And the funny part was when a TUCP's Superman posed while they were performing, then flied to closed them.

All great performances nailed audience to their seats untill 02.00 am. Tuna Universitaria do Minho (TUM) closed this night with beautiful closing finale. No doubt about their ability, they could give clear tuna performance. With the main singers voice lilting, made audience?s skin crawled.Really, all the audience swayed and put smiles. TUM has successful made the happy and excited atmosphere. "Every year I come to CELTA because it's getting better and better with new Tunas, and new creation," said Catarina, ex-student of Department of Communication and Science-UMinho. Even she was willing to move if there was an empty bench in front of her seat.

Not only musical skill, to win 10 Tuna awards, 5 jurries has complex criteria. "It's not difficult to decide the winner because I am a musician. I know the music, tone, and rhythm. But the most important is how Tuna performs different, wonderfull, and cheerfull. I like CELTA. They are young and can show something original, traditional, creative, and innovative. But the winner should show their music with heart, love, happy, and spirit. So we can enjoy," said Elisa Lessa, one of the jury who is the Director of Licenciatura em Musica da UMinho. So let's see who will be this classical music teacher, and other jurries (Firmino Neiva, AntÓnio Durães, João Sá) best Tuna.

Text: Reza Praditya

Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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