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“Gift for Portugal”
Theatro Circo
A series of performing arts was showed by a great group art from University of Minho Minho University in Portugal's Independence Day celebrations. Hundreds of spectators came and filled the "Theatro Circo".

Almost every week I pass walk through the streets full of flowers in the city centre. In my heart I often asked, what exactly was inside of "Theatro Circo" building.  In my country, Indonesia, word "circo" have has the same meaning with as "circus". Maybe there are a set of tools of circus, well... if it's true, I wish I could enter it someday.

First of December is a special day for Portuguese people, is their independence day.In 1640, they kick of the Spanish from this country.I could can feel how happy they felt.Probably, the feeling is the same as what I feel when I celebrate my freedom. It's just a way to celebrate a little different.

Now my question is answered, for me this building is really incredible.I have been here for three months in this quiet and impressive city. Yetthis is the first time I had an the opportunity to enter this building that always makes made me wonder. Even though my friend is Portuguese, this is also her first time in this building.

I saw, the red chairs arranged so neatly, the balconies towering over and the design of this room is so exclusive.I sat on pole position, so this is was the perfect place to watch the show.

Two euro for each ticket was not expensive. I was not surprised, if one by one the seats were filled by the audience. , The show was divided in two sessions.The first session began at nine-thirty.Direct serene atmosphere created when the "Coro Academico" appears, all the audience listened to the rhythm of this choir group. I could see around of me how they enjoyed their performances.Proceed to the next appearance, "Grupo de Fados UM", a musical group comprised of seven people that played traditional instruments from Portugal.

In Portugal there are two styles of traditional music, namely Lisbon and Coimbra. Tonight they presented Coimbra style to the audience.
Although the fourth vocalist was quite old, that did not mean that their quality was also declining.His voice was steady.

At the end of their show, the audience gave a loud applause. Processed to the next show, "Jograis", a comedian group finally broke the ice. Their humor made all the audience laugh. They brought social criticism in their performance. Everything was packed so neatly. I called it a cake with sense of humor. I did not feel bored for the time I spent in the room. Even before they appeared, the audience frenzied welcome. I thought there was a theatrical action from this group, but it turn out they told their fans to come on their next concert. It was a smart advertisement. And it is true; they were appearing perfect that night.Bringing music-pitched love was a worked trick to anesthetize the audience at that time. Visible as well, so skillful hands nimble played flag dance. This dance is never missing in every "Tuna" musical performance.I couldn't wait to pass through all the surprises that would presented that night.

Aha.. This favored by the men, dozens of beautiful fairy appeared on stage.Yes, they were "Tun'obebes". They came all the way from Guimaraes just to make all the audience satisfied.

The flirtatious rhythm of music and graceful dance captivated my heart.Their voices sound so peaceful.All the girls had a maximum performance.Applause and shouts from the audience were echoed in the end of their performances.

The show immediately greeted by the appearance of "Alfonsina", they are also a "Tuna" musical group. No less with a group of "Tuna" before, they performed optimally. The dancers played were very attractive.

Moving into the next appearance, the second group of "Fados" played sad song, that song was dedicated to one of its personnel who had died several years ago.They successfully take the audience dissolved in grief with their music.They ended the first session.

The sidelines of the break I approached several groups of teenagers who sat not far from my desk. They were Claudia, Fernando and Rita.Claudia, a girl who came from Açores was very avid to "Azeituna", because they always come up with surprises.In contrast Fernando, he was admired with the attractive performances of "Afonsina".The teenagers were very fond of traditional Portuguese music.

Fifteen minutes went by; it means meant that the second session began. Everyone was neat to sit back in their chair.When all the audience was quiet, suddenly appeared from behind a group of percussion."Drum..drum..prak..prak..dum..dum.."The sound was so loud, they were walking on sidelines of the audience toward the stage.As if they split the audience into two parts. I felt the atmosphere was so hot."Bamboémia", this group managed to make all eyes glued to the tracks.Above the stage, their actions were even greater and stunned all audience.They swayed with their percussion instrument and compactly played.

After their performances, the stage curtain opened. Aha.., what the hell is this? Dozens of parents lined up. Were they still able to sing melodious? Ah.., my guess was wrong, they were a cool chorus. They insert humor in the middle of their show. The audience was very amused with them.

Furthermore, "Tuna Universitária do Minho" also add festive celebration at that night.It seems all of "tuna" group were performed successfully that night.No less exciting, there were funny things from this group.They work on junior members.It'slike an orientation for junior members.They sang and danced until all senior group came down from the stage. It seems they didn't care and even they still remain viable.

Furthermore, thepoem was shown by a girl. She did really animate with her characters. She shouted, laughed and ran from left to right stage. And the audience rewarded back with loud applause at the end of the appearance of that girl.

Furthermore, everyone on stage was wearing unique costumes, but why was there a bull loose in there? He gored all people above. Oh..,It was just a fake bull, only a puppet which played by someone.

Apparently it was a theatrical act of "Opum dei", they presented a show in the form of criticism, because of their disagreement on the "Academic Bar" that will be transformed as "Sardinha". They argue that the atmosphere would be different if everyone can get into "Academic Bar." They ended Portugal's Independence Day celebrations that time.

Miguel and his friends were amused; they're really satisfied with the event that held on that night."This is a good celebration!!" said the man whose is hobby in playing football.I hope that I still can meet another exciting event in the future.

Text and Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

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