Cultura, 11.12.2010
Collaborate Traditional and Modernity in Art
Spent Saturday night (11/12) in Parque de Exposições de Braga was very pleasant. Series art performances of XVI Festival Universitario de Musica Popular were really entertaining, from the beginning until the end.

It started by children with percussion, teens with gothic make up, also parents with typical dances of Portugal, who had been entertaining audiences from 22:00 until 02:00 in the morning. Arrefole opened the event with a relaxed rhythmic song. Girl-voiced vocalist was so great, she slowly took audiences to the faster rhythm of the song. With bagpipes, violins, drums, and Portugal guitar, all the audiences clapped their hands and enjoyed the Arrefole's fun beat.

Further, performed theGrupo de Musica Popular da UMwho wore Portuguese traditional dress.. Several times they intersperse songs with whistles which were imitated by audience. With clothes and typical Portuguese song, they looked very cool. "We usually practice once a week. And we are proud to participate in this annual festival," said Lurdes Rodrigues who became a singer in this group. "Also I am the director and dancer inGrupo Folclorico da UM, because we are all in an association, ARCUM (Associação Cultural e Recreativa Universitária do Minho)," she explained.

The audience could not be sleepy when TocáRufar appeared. Four girls and four boys showed their lively and attractiveness. The audience applauded many times and appreciated this percussion group's spirit. "They are very well trained. From an early age they have joined us. They practice every Saturday and Sunday. But in addition to teens, our members are also a variety of ages between 4-70 years," said Cristiana Melo, producer of TocáRufar.

The night went on. However,Orquestra Típica e Rancho (OTR) da Secção de Fado da AACmade these night festive. Portuguese typical costumes that they wore made the stage as if it was a mirror of the past Portugal. Then we saw and felt Orquestra de Percussão -Percutunes, stomping again the stage with their powerful beating. With a green shirt, 18 teenagers played percussion with compact. Even with four plastic bins, they managed to arrange and beat the rhythm and made their action look fabulous.

Last percussion group which has the most members wasBomboe?mia. With bouffant hair and black color lipstick, they showed so gothic. However, it does not mean creepy, their smile and spirit made the audience chuckle admiringly. The Formation that has been prepared, and the variety of additional instruments, such as plastic and tin basin, showed creativity of these teens. They also had collaborated with Isilda Miranda, a beautiful singer who performed that night gracefully with long plaid dress.

Not yet finished,Grupo Pauliteiros de Miranda do OUPpresented an attraction between their appearances. Group which all the members are men, managed to make audience amazed by their eight dancers' courage. They created a terraced formation, with each shouldering his friends, and catch the other one jumped over these formations. Finally,Grupo Folclórico da UMclosed this "(re) inventar tradições" Art show. Before ending the show, they invited some of the audiences to come forward and dance together. The stage became crowded. Audience's laugh could be heard until the rear seats.

All the audience seemed satisfied to spend the night at this venue. "Every year I always take the time to look at art shows like this. We enjoy it, even my two little children," said Lidia, one of the audiences that used to be a member of the Tuna Aveiro, and even won best pandereita at various arts festivals.

Text: Reza Praditya Yudha and Abdur Rahman Hakim

Photo: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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