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Find a Champion in VII Cidade Berço
Guimarães- Four universities from around Portugal performs their best tuna in "Cidade Berço - Festial de Tunas Académicas". They are really good Tunas.

Heavy rain in Guimarães sky on Saturday night seemed more inviting traditional Portugal music lovers. The price was quite frugal, seven euro for the main podium and five euro for the bottom and top-floor podium.Not less than four hundred audiences crowded into the theater building. At half pas nine p.m.,São MamedeCAE towitness tuna champ from four universities.TheywereTuna da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Tuna Universitária de Aveiro, Desertuna (Tuna Académica da Universidade da Beira Interior) and Estudantina Universitária de Coimbra.Five musicians fromGuimarãesas jurors will assess their skills in playing traditional music of Portugal.They were Vasco Faria, Angelo Fernandes, Aprigio Oliveira, Djulme Silva and Alexandro Silva.

Jogralhos, jokes group consisting of four young men started the show. With humors, they satirized the government about crisis that hit this country. Then,followed by the appearance of Tun'Obebes group which consisting of tens of pretty-faced college student.The show was packed with theatrical music and accompanied by typical dances of tuna was really make the audiences captivated.Applause was so loud sound at the end of their performance.

Outside the building looks all of groups were ready to give the best performance that night.Pedro Verão, one player from Desertuna looks excited.He seems so sure that his group will look stunning. "I hope I will win this event, have a lot of fun and have a good time" said the young man who admires Lusiada Famalicão Tuna group.To deal with the events he had been practicing for two months.They will celebrate the feast all night if his group becomes champion that night.

And it is true, one by one the group played so agile with their musical instrument.Anyone doing a solo attraction, there was featuring a joke; all of them have a maximal performance.Looks like the jury will be confused determine who will be the champion.

"This is looks really classy, each group performing with a professional and I so enjoy it" says Carina, one of audiences from Guimarães.

Finally conferment session arrived.  In this contest the best obtained some of them are: da Universidade Católica Portuguesa Tuna - Porto as the best tuna, Tuna Universitária de Aveiro as second best tuna, Desertuna - TunaAcadémicada Universidade da Beira Interior as the best flag, Desertuna - TunaAcadémicada Universidade da Beira Interior as the best tambourine, Tuna da Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto as the best soloist, Estudantina Universitária de Coimbra as the best instrumental, Tuna Universitária de Aveiro as the best Serenade and Desertuna - TunaAcadémicada Universidade da Beira Interior as "Tuna Mais Tuna".

Text: Rendra Ardyansah

(Pub. Nov/2010)

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