Academia, 20.04.2017
Cientista da NASA Jared Espley explica a missão a Júpiter na Escola de Ciências da UMinho
Jared Espley visitará a Escola de Ciências da Universidade do Minho no dia 20 de abril para proferir uma palestra intitulada "Exploring Jupiter and its moons", pelas 15h30, no Anfiteatro B1 do Complexo Pedagógico 2, no campus de Gualtar, em Braga.

Convidam-se todos os interessados a participar. A entrada na palestra é livre, mas requer inscrição prévia até 18 de abril, através do formulário disponível em

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. Its beautiful storms and cloud belts are magnificent natural displays of art. But beneath these clouds, we have very little knowledge of how Jupiter works. We know that it has a tremendously powerful magnetic field and its near-gravity-field hints at hidden complexity in the interior and deep core. Its incandescent aurora are seemingly connected to its moons. NASA?s Juno spacecraft is currently exploring Jupiter and probing the mysteries beneath its cloud tops. Future missions, from both NASA and the European Space Agency, will explore Jupiter's intriguing major moons which are fascinating worlds in their own right, complete with dynamic volcanism, subsurface oceans, and even locations possibly suitable for life. In his presentation, Dr. Espley will share details of the ongoing exploration of the Jupiter system and how this informs humanity about its place in the Universe.

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O evento tem o apoio da Embaixada dos Estados Unidos da América em Portugal.

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