Academia, 02.12.2010
The name of the experience: ERASMUS
When I was a little child, I wanted to be a traveler and walk around the whole world. I asked myself; there are so many great destinations in the world why should I stay just limited in this places? After long years the dream was becoming true. The adventure was starting, but I had never thought that the process could be hard.

I had a lot of problems with my visa requirements. The consulate was wanting form e a lot of thing to accept in my application, because my country is not included in the European Union. Nevertheless I could not understand why I had  lot of problems to get the visa to go to another country. Because I am a student and I should not wait a lot for visa.

Anyway, this was the big problem I have ever faced during the erasmus period, the other things was making me so excited because it was the first time I was going abroad, far away from my family, my friends, school... Everything would be very different I would be very far away of my habits. However it was going to be good because I would live in quite different culture and that was what I wanted. I really want to live a couple of time in abroad because, my study requires to know cultures, people and to be able to make good analyses about humanity: Journalism...

Journey from dreams to reality...

In first times in that period my parents were againts me going very far and I was trying to explain them how it would be beneficial for my future. Of course they understood, then I decided to take the examination for erasmus. The result was surprised to me because my grades were very high. This was the chance!!!

I had to choose a country, but which one? Which country should be my first option? I thought Portugal was the unique option for me because I did not want any other country. Happy to had it.

The most hard day was the departure day from Turkey to Portugal. My family was in the airport with me and for  the first time I was going far away from them. My parents were very anxious and emotional. Whatever, plane took off and here we go!

Although I never feared going to a place I never was before, I was very relax and comfort altough I did not have anyone with me. I was a little excited about what I should do when I arrive to the airport in Portugal because they did not know my language but whether there was English. I was very happy walking in airport but what a bad luck I could not find anyone who I coud speak english in the AIRPORT!! Except one policeman and one parking attendant. Anyway at least I was in Portugal and I found my home finally.

Days were passing and I was meeting new people from very different countries and very diffirent cultures and this was what I wanted.

Now, I am here for three months and I know a lot of people. I reached my goal also I am practicing my english and learning new language that is very enjoyable. Sometimes days passing with laziness sometimes full of  cheerfulness and travels also.

First of all the thing most important thing is people can gain his/her self confidence here (in erasmus) and people learn how can hold yourself on their feet. This is the erasmus...

Text and Photography: Gozde Torun

(Pub. Dez/2010)

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